Whether you're heading off for a German holiday or are living in Germany and looking to spruce up your culinary skills, there are cooking schools all over Germany that are available to suit your needs. Courses range in price, location and theme, so if you're looking for a fun and entertaining course or one that will prepare you for a major event, there is a cooking course in Germany that will work for you.

Gekreuzte Möhrchen in Hamburg

Gekreuzte Möhrchen is located in St. Pauli, Hamburg. The cooking school is available for parties of eight people or more. The kitchen is equipped with a six-burner oven, industrial sink, utensils, spices and cooking oils. The kitchen at Gekreuzte Möhrchen can be rented for dinner parties, with seating for up to 20 people. Chefs are also available for advice and cooking classes or to fully cater your evening, and prices vary based on your needs.

Gekreuzte Möhrchen Address: Bernstorffstrasse 89 22767 Hamburg, Germany Phone: +49 40 4397094 Email: kueche@gekreuztemoehrchen.de www.gekreuztemoehrchen.de/html/ort.html

Café Kubitschek in Munich

Cafe Kubitschek is located in Munich, in a cafe that has been established since 1958. It hosts events and cooking classes in addition to the cafe, which is open to customers daily, serving cakes and pies. Cooking classes are themed, and range from "Workshop Tuppernick" where you can prepare a picnic for three, to "Schokokurs mit 10000 Kalorien und Elisabeth"--a chocolate course with 10,000 calories and Elisabeth, which speaks for itself, to a gay-themed cooking class. Cafe Kubitschek also offers regional and specialized cooking courses, focusing on wellness cooking, Thai cuisine, Mediterranean and French. Prices for one cooking class start at 64 Euro, but are around 130 Euro on average per class, as of August 2009.

Café Kubitschek Address: Waldfriedhofstr. 105, 81377 München, Germany Phone: +49 89 71049126 Website: www.cafe-kubitscheck.de

Italienische mediterrane Kochschule in Munich

Italienische mediterrane Kochschule is located in Munich, Germany. They offer cooking courses in nine categories: regional cuisine, pasta, fish, appetizers, molecular cuisine, meat classics, chocolate, desserts and cooking for kids. On average, classes are offered every day except Sunday, and are around 3 1/5 hours long. The Italienische mediterrane Kochschule is run by Angelo Zicaro, who is accompanied by a sommelier on occasion. Prices for the courses range from 35 to 120 Euro.

Italienische mediterrane Kochschule Schleißheimerstraße 205 A 80809 München, Germany Telephone: 089 30 76 47 44 Cell phone: 0170 76 88 60 5 E-mail: az@angelo-kochschule.com www.angelo-kochschule.com

Kochen und Würzen in Berlin

Kochen und Würzen is located in Berlin. The cooking school is furnished with a reception and dining room, and specializes in homemade spice mixes and high-quality German and Swiss chocolate and sweets. Kochen und Würzen offer courses in stews, Indonesian cuisine, tapas and mezze, Italian, Mexican and even seasonal cooking. Classes are offered on Thursday through Saturday, beginning at 7pm. The price of courses range from 59 to 75 Euro.

Kochen und Würzen Address: Goltzstrasse 51, 10781 Berlin Phone: +49 30 21 99 66 69 Website: www.kochenundwuerzen.de

Wieckenberg in Hamburg

Wieckenberg is located in Hamburg. The cooking school is headed by professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. Classes are available on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Courses available as of August 2009 include seafood, international cuisine and preparing a basic tasting menu. The cost of a course varies between 40 and 80 Euro, making it one of the more affordable cooking schools in Germany.

Wieckenberg Eppendorfer Weg 98 20259 Hamburg Tel 040 / 72 96 21 49 Fax 040 / 72 96 21 53 Email: info@wieckenberg.com www.wieckenberg.com

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