Zoology majors study animal forms, behavior, ecology and other aspects of animal life. A zoology degree generally takes four years to complete. Graduates of the programs earn a bachelor of science. A bachelor's degree in zoology qualifies students to work in a wide array of jobs but some zoology graduates choose to undertake graduate research to further specialize in their area.

Zoology Degrees

Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro offers a bachelor's degree in zoology. According to KWC literature, this course is suitable for students who wish to have a career in conservation, wildlife resources or areas such as fisheries biology. The course covers a wide range of animal studies, from vertebrate zoology to aquatic zoology and even microbial zoology. Students can undertake research projects in the field or as a library project as part of the major. The college also recommends that zoology students complete an internship before finishing the degree; this is not an essential requirement for the program.

Alternative Degrees

Other colleges in Kentucky offer similar degree programs to a zoology degree. Prospective students interested in agricultural animals may be interested in the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture programs. The college offers majors in animal sciences, equine science and management and entomology. These degrees may be suitable for wildlife resource management or agricultural careers.

Another alternative is a bachelor's degree in biology from a college such as Eastern Kentucky University. A graduate with a biology degree can choose to specialize further in her field of interest through graduate school or follow a career in a wide array of industries as a biologist or teacher. Eastern Kentucky University also offers a degree in animal studies, which can be a path to graduate study. A student can tailor the animal studies degree to her own interests.

Online Options

No Kentucky colleges offer online zoology options for prospective students.

Graduate Degrees

The field of zoology covers a wide range of animal studies and a graduate student can take advantage of the cross over between the fields of zoology, biology and ecology to extend his interest in a particular species or type of zoology. For example, the University of Louisville offers a doctorate in biology studying such areas of zoological interest as behavioral ecology, animal physiology, developmental biology and population genetics. Some colleges, such as Western Kentucky University, have research centers to study particular aspects of zoology. Prospective graduate students may be able to satisfy admission requirements for that center and earn a master's degree.

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