Bible colleges equip students to read and interpret the Bible, often in order to go into missions or ministry. Many of the Bible colleges in Switzerland are connected to larger, international organizations with founders from the United States. These organizations tend to be nondenominational, taking their authority from personal interpretation of the Bible rather than affiliations with particular churches or denominations.

Charis Bible College

Charis Bible College is a nondenominational Bible school founded by Andrew Wommack. It has campuses throughout six continents and 17 countries. The Swiss campus, located in the municipality of Brugg, offers a two-year program to train students in ministry and the Bible. In their first year, students take courses on Christian philosophy, the Holy Spirit and foundational books of the New Testament such as Galatians and Romans. In their second year, students take courses in service, biblical leadership and community. Upon completion of the program, students receive a degree in Biblical Studies from Charis Bible College.

Rhema Bible Training College

Rhema Bible Training College was founded in Oklahoma by Reverend Kenneth Hagin. The nondenominational Bible school has 34 international campuses, including the Swiss campus in Geneva. Rhema offers two levels of training. Basic training involves completion of courses such as History of the Christian Church, Bible Research and Study Methods, Introduction to Theology and specific training in Old and New Testament literature, as well as completion of a practicum. Advanced training equips students for ministry with courses in pastoral care, ministerial ethics and youth ministry. Students who complete advanced training receive a diploma and can go on to ordination in the ministry through Rhema Ministerial Association International.

School of Biblical Studies

The School of Biblical Studies, offered through the nondenominational Youth With a Mission organization, is located in the village of Wiler in northwest Switzerland. The school takes an inductive approach to biblical studies, using the Bible itself as the primary resource rather than external sources, and examining the context of each passage before seeking to apply it to modern life. The full-time program at the School of Biblical Studies consists of three 12-week quarters, offered in German and English. Upon completion of the three quarters, students will have read through the Bible five times. The School of Biblical Studies is affiliated with the University of Nations, and completion of the program results in 36 units of course credit.

Bienenberg Theological Seminary

Bienenberg was founded in the city of Basel in 1950 as the European Mennonite Bible School. It is part of the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition, which promotes peacemaking, reconciliation and social responsibility. In the 1980s and 1990s, Bienenberg expanded its two-year Bible school program into a three-year program that awards students a Bachelor of Theology degree upon completion. Bienenberg also offers a three-year master's degree in Pastoral Ministries. Programs are offered in French and German.

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