Fake fire is one element of a school project for many different subjects. If you are using fake fire, it means that you are making a replica of fire, or using another element that appears to be fire but won't actually burn as fires do. Use common art materials to construct fake fire to use in class projects of all kinds.


A diorama is a mock-up of a real event. It is a model. You can use fake fire in these school projects to represent real fire. Orange construction paper, felt, or other colorful pieces of material look like fire for the purposes of what you want to show, but aren't actually burning.


For a poster project on fires, firefighting, or even natural disasters like volcano eruptions, you can draw fake fire to add realism to your poster. You can draw the flames using markers, crayons, or any other coloring device. Your fake fire will be especially useful when you decorate your poster with it.

Fire-Building Science Project

You can do a science project on building a fire. If you know what the best ways to build a fire are, or if you would like to do an experiment to see which types of fires work the best, you can use a fire replica or fake fire in your presentation. You'll need to actually start small fires when you do your experiment, but you can use the fake fire to present your findings.

Firefighter or Investigation Project

If you are doing projects on firefighting or on fire investigation, you can use fake fire to demonstrate what you have learned or to present your projects. Depending on the type of presentation you are doing, there are lots of different types of fake fire that might be appropriate.

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