The State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) exam is administered by D&S Diversified Technologies on behalf of the state of Ohio to certify nurse aides. Potential nurse aides must schedule, pay for and pass the STNA exam. This exam consists of a written and oral exam and a skills test which enables you to be placed on the state's nurse registry and make you eligible to work in the state. In order to schedule your STNA exam, you must fill out and send in some specific paperwork.

Visit the Ohio STNA Testing and Certification website, and click on "Testing Application Form 1101" and "Testing Application Form 1101 (backside)" under "Candidate Forms" on the left side of the page. This will open the front and back of the application form in PDF format. Print out both sides of the form.

Return to the website and click "Rate Structure Form 1402" under "Candidate Forms" on the left side of the page. Print out the payment form.

Fill out the application (you may need to get your instructor to fill out the backside of form 1101 if you are still enrolled in school) and payment forms. Place payment and copies of your transcript into an envelope.

Address the envelope to:

D&S Diversified Technologies PO Box #418 Findlay, OH 45839-0418


You should hear about your testing date within a few weeks, or you can follow up by calling customer service at 877-851-2355.

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