The number of contenders signing up to take and pass the school safety agent exam has dramatically increased in the last few years. This is due to challenges in the job market. To get ahead of the game before you sit down to take the test, there are a few things you can put in place to ensure your success. Once you’ve gathered all the info you need to prepare for the exam, a practice run is key to success.

What Is a School Safety Agent?

The role of a school safety agent is to protect the staff and students of a school from potential threats. These threats are relatively uncommon, therefore the school safety agents have a host of other duties that they perform throughout their workday patrolling the school grounds. Safety school agents, or security guards in some situations, monitor entrances and the borders of the school campus. They are always alert to people who may have wandered onto the campus and patiently escort lost or confused visitors in a sprawling campus. They also document routine activities in order to back up any unusual incidents.

Effective Study Habits

School safety agent study guides are available online and in bookstores. Picking one up and spending the time to read it is not always enough to pass a complex test such as the one designed for the school safety agent. Do not cram all of the information you need to have to pass the exam in one sitting. Slowly read over the material so that you have time to digest it and fully understand the information and how it applies to the position. Set small goals to get through the large amount of information you need to obtain. Studying with a group of people can often assist in understanding complex issues in the material as well as expand your knowledge of the position as you all share what you have gathered in your research.

School Safety Quiz Tips

Aside from reading manuals and exam books, there are other ways to ensure you have studied well enough to easily pass the school safety quiz. Discuss the position with current school safety agents. Research the requirements for the state or city that you hope to have a career in. Agents are expected to legally follow all guidelines, including state regulatory agency requirements. They may also have to be certified in CPR or otherwise trained to continue to work in their school safety agent position.

Previous exams for your area, along with answers, can often be found online. Study these to create a foundation of detailed information. Build on that with updated information you have gathered about laws and regulations that pertain to the age of students, the area and engaging threatening individuals. Try a school safety agent practice test online before taking the exam to complete the school safety agent hiring process.

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