The Professional Regulation Commission is an accrediting agency in the Philippines that oversees 43 regulatory boards. It has established a licensure office to conduct certification exams. The agriculture regulatory board supervises the Philippine Association of Agriculturists, an accredited professional organization. To become a member of the PAA, prospective candidates are required to take an examination after filling out the exam application.

Application Form

Candidates for the agriculturist exam must download and complete an application form on the PRC’s official website ( The form asks for personal information, educational background, prior criminal history and previous licensure examination dates, if applicable. The section at the bottom of the form requests you to provide a right thumbprint and to swear an affidavit, but you must wait until you are at the PRC customer service center to complete this section. You will also need four recent, passport-sized color pictures.

Records and Documents

You must submit original or photocopies of your university transcripts, including the date of graduation. You must also submit an original or photocopy of your National Statistics Office birth certificate. If you are a married woman, you must also submit an original or photocopy of your NSO-issued marriage contract, which can be obtained from your local civil registrar. You will be asked to present a valid community tax certificate, which serves as your legal identity document. The final document you need is a certification of good moral character, which can be conferred by an employer, church member or school official.

Fees, PERRC and NOA

A PRC customer service center will process your application. You will first pay the exam fee at a cashier’s window and receive an official receipt. You must then complete a Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card and a Notice of Admission form, which requires you to fill in the application number from your application form, official receipt number and current date.

Examination Program/Kit and Self-Instruction Sheet

Once you have filled the notice of admission, you must visit a representative at one of the issuance windows and present all your documents. The representative will review your application and give you a program of examination specific to your exam, and information on the procedures that will be observed on testing day. Keep the notice of admission and present it when you appear at the assigned school or building where you take your exam.

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