Removing a grade from your college transcript usually consists of a detailed process that involves professors and college administrations. You may choose to change a “D” or “F” to improve your grade-point average or because passing the class is part of your degree program. Colleges and universities have different processes to remove grades from transcripts, depending on whether a student is currently enrolled or is returning to school after an absence. The former grade may still appear on your college transcript even though it won't be counted as part of your grade-point average.

Talk to the professor of the class in question or an academic adviser. They will tell you about the university's policies about removing or changing grades. Professors and advisers serve as academic guides, providing you with the necessary steps you need to take so that you follow rules set out in the student handbook.

Visit the registrar's office to find out if the school has a repeat/delete program. Universities that offer the repeat/delete program allow you to take the course you failed one more time. The registrar's office removes the first grade and replaces it with the new one, recalculating your grade-point average. To take advantage of repeat/delete process, complete a request form before the university's deadline. Universities with delete/repeat set limits on the number of classes you can retake.

Retake course in question if your college or university does not offer repeat/delete program. Universities let you retake select classes to bring up your letter grade. Instead of deleting the original grade, though, they calculate the two grades to come up with an average. The averages replaces both grades on your college transcript. The two grades still appear on your transcript as a historical reference.

Speak to the grade appeal committee about changing your grade in a course. The grade appeal committee determines whether you have valid reasons for changing your professor's grade. You should start by talking to your professor to help you understand his grading process. You must then complete a form or set up a meeting with the grade appeal committee. If they deem the instructor's grade a violation of university policy, the committee will change your grade on your college transcript.

Apply for academic renewal. This provision only applies if you haven't attended the school for a certain period of time and (as established by the university) and earned a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 or below. Academic renewal applies to work completed before re-enrollment into school. You must complete an academic renewal form. If your application is approved, you start at 0.00 grade-point average. You can ask the dean of your department to approve classes from previous years in which you received a C or better.


Policies vary at colleges and university, so know the rules before beginning any of the grade changing processes.

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