You started college and didn't realize it would require more effort than your high school classes, or you spent all your time partying rather than studying. Now you want to improve your grade-point average. Is there anything you can do to make that first semester or first year go away? The short answer is -- it depends.

What Does It Depend On?

Mainly, it depends on your school. For many colleges and universities, the answer is a flat "no." You must live with your choices and try to improve your GPA by doing better in the future. But some schools will allow you to retake a freshman-year class to improve your grade. Some schools limit this to one class, while others do not have a limit. Usually the new grade will replace the old grade, but you will not earn any credit hours for your second attempt at the class, and in many cases the original grade remains on your transcript though it is not part of the GPA calculation.

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