After years of hard work, you finally graduate. The long hours of studying and preparing for final exams generate an environment of enthusiasm and anxiety. However, a hectic and stressful preparation for graduation gown fitting does not have to be part of the excitement of graduation. After all, you ordered and planned for your graduation gown, cap and tassel months ago. So take the few weeks before the ceremony to ensure your graduation items are correct.


When considering the graduation gown length, make sure to think about your graduation cap and tassel as part of the ensemble.

Graduation Gown Length

Before consulting an expert at the graduation apparel event, make the necessary measurements. First, measure your height from the top of your head until the bottom of your feet. Next, write down this number or have it handy when you order your gown. Depending on the height and weight, you will consider the gown size and graduation gown length. If you think you will need larger sleeves or a longer gown, order one size larger than usual. Also, make sure to consult a sizing chart at the booth event or online. Ask for help, if needed.

Generally, the graduation gown length falls below your knees and above your ankles, which is usually eight to ten inches from the floor. Shoes do not affect the gown length. In addition to the graduation gown length, consider sleeve fitting. Sleeves should measure below your elbow and above your wrist. Once you receive your graduation attire, remove all items immediately. Ensuring few wrinkles on your gown requires to place it on a hanger as soon as possible.

However, if you need to remove wrinkles right away, consider a steamer or low cool iron. For instance, the Herff Jones cap and gown renown graduation company recommends placing the gown on a hanger in a bathroom with warm steam running. The steam ensures the removal of wrinkles. The Herff Jones cap and gown company also suggests avoiding washing the gown or dry cleaning. A graduation cap and tassel make the graduation ensemble complete.

How to Wear a Graduation Cap

A graduation cap or mortar head is part of the graduation attire. The Herff Jones cap and gown company reference sheet shows the proper way to display your cap and tassel. The cap and gown sizes guide indicates that caps are one size fits all. For instance, your cap must fit securely on top of your head with the mortar head facing forward. Most caps have the word “front” printed on the inside to indicate placement.

The back of the cap has an elastic band. Most cap and gown sizes reference sheets recommend using hair pins or clips to secure the cap. Next, loop the tassel around the button on top of the cap. Make sure the tassel is secure. Once you know the tassel will not fall off, place it on your right side of your face. After the graduation ceremony, move the tassel to the left side of your face. Proper fitting of the gown, cap and tassel before the graduation ceremony ensures less stress and a more enjoyable memory.

Under Gown Attire for Ceremony

In a time of excitement at the graduation ceremony, think about your attire under your graduation gown. While many cap and gown sizes reference guides leave the option for students to select under gown attire, you might want to dress professionally. Besides the hot climate and endless amounts of photos, dressing in fresh clothes and comfortable shoes eliminates any stressful situations. For instance, avoid big bags or bulky dress jackets that you will have to carry with you all the time. Instead, you might want to have bottoms with pockets for keys and a cell phone.

Plan with your family for more elaborate photos and graduation keepsakes. Since graduation ceremonies tend to have large crowds of people in stadium type arenas in hot summer months, stay hydrated and plan accordingly. Ensure your family knows a common meeting place after the graduation ceremony to easily find you. Graduation time is a memorable moment of excitement. Make sure you take the necessary steps to ease your graduation gown fitting.

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