Graduation gowns worn by students graduating with a master's or doctoral degree generally have a hood on them, hanging down the back. These can look confusing to put on, but if you take it a step at a time, are not that difficult. You'll be ready to walk across that graduation stage in no time.

Put your arms into the arms of the graduation gown, with the closing zipper in the front. You can close it or keep it open, but it is traditional for the upper level graduating students to keep their gowns open.

Place the hood over your head, with the large part hanging evenly down the back and the velvet side showing. There is a little loop in the front that can be placed around a button on the front of the shirt, under the tie. If the hood is worn by a female, it can be attached to the front of the clothing with a pin or broach.

Let the hood fall naturally down the back, allowing the colored lining representing the degree program to show. To do this, turn the lining inside out at the bottom in the back. You may need help from someone to do this, since it is behind you.

Look in the cap and find the side with the padding. This is the back of the cap. Place it on your head with the padding in the back and the tassel hanging to the left of your face.

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