One of the most exciting times you'll experience as a home owner or real estate agent is posting your real estate sign and the subsequent "Sold" sign on top when you finally make a deal. But if your sign post isn't sturdy and attached correctly to your sign, you could lose it to the elements, like a strong wind. You can make your own sturdy real estate sign post in just a few steps.

Whittle the bottom of the four-by-four post carefully to a point with a wood carving knife. This will make it easier to hammer the sign into the dirt when you're done. Whittle away from yourself and wear thick work gloves for safety.

Paint the board and post white or another color complementary to your real estate sign. Lay the four-by-four post down flat (carved point at the bottom). Next, lay the two-by-four board across the four-by-four post (the four-inch side should lay down flat), so that it's about six inches from the top of the post. This should now look like an upside down letter "L."

Nail the board to the post at the intersection with three five-inch nails. Secure it with white rope if you want—just run the rope around the intersection a few times and then knot it in the back for extra support.

Use 1-inch nails to attach two metal hanging hooks to either the front or back of the top board. Center them on the board at about eight inches apart. Make sure that the hooks face toward the front. You can find these sign hanging hooks at a craft store or hardware store.

Hammer the four-by-four post about a foot deep into the ground. Punch two small holes (line them up with the hooks) in the top of your real estate sign with a handheld hole-puncher. Hang the sign on the hooks for viewing. If necessary, bend the hooks upward so that the sign can't slide out.


When you sell the house, place double-sided tape on your "Sold" sign and press it directly onto your hanging sign. You can also carve an inch-deep slit across the top of the horizontal beam with your wood carving knife where you can slide a "Sold" sign in, but only choose this last option if you are an expert carver.

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