Under EPA code 608, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires individuals performing maintenance, service or repair involving the possibility of controlled refrigerants being released into the atmosphere to pass a certification test prior to opening containers or systems using the substances. Four different certifications exist.

Type I certification is primarily for small appliance repair. Type II certification is for technicians working on high-pressure systems such as residential and supermarket refrigeration, and Type III certification is for low-pressure refrigerants. Universal certification means a technician has passed all three certification types. Each type of EPA certification has a different test.

Decide which EPA certification test you want to take.

Search EPA.gov for a list of EPA-approved trainers and certifiers.

Enroll in a training course designed to help pass the chosen EPA certification. Only purchase services from EPA-certified organizations.

Study any educational materials provided or suggested by the training organization. Study guides are available online--some for free. EPA.gov also supplies an overview of issues found on the test.

Schedule a certification test. The test can usually be administered by the organization who provided training for the test.

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