The General Educational Development test is considered the equivalent of a high school diploma by some colleges and employers. Major changes to the test in 2014 switched the exam from a paper-and-pencil endeavor to a computerized test administered at a designated GED testing center. The questions also are more difficult than on pre-2014 GED high school equivalency tests, according to National Public Radio reporter Cory Turner.

Downloadable GED Practice Tests

Since 2014, the GED has been administered by the GED Testing Service, a partnership between the nonprofit American Education Council and for-profit education company Pearson. The GED Testing Service website offers free, downloadable GED practice tests, although these are only partial tests. City Colleges of Chicago also recommends the independent for its free, printable practice tests. Some public libraries have copies of study guides, as well as free GED study classes. Look for post-2014 editions of books containing practice questions.

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