Many employers use psychological-assessment exams when interviewing potential employees. These tests allow employers to determine your personality and your ability to work well with others. You may feel intimidated by the notion of taking a personality test, but many times the amount of thought you put into the test before you take it prohibits you from thinking clearly during the testing process. There are tricks you can employ before and during the sample test to help you pass when it's time to take the real test.

Relax yourself before the test. Clear your mind of misconception and worries about the test itself, and just relax.

Answer honestly. Many psychological-employment screening tests contain hundreds of questions, and many of those questions are recycled scenarios worded differently. When you answer honestly without overselling yourself, the results of your test will be more factual.

Answer quickly. The more time you spend thinking about the actual question and what your answer may say about you as a person, the more difficult the questions seem. Answering quickly allows you to provide your first instinctual response without over-thinking.


Lying on your psychological employment exam is detectable in your exam results.

Behave professionally during the exam, especially if the exam is oral. Examiners will also monitor your behavior and reaction during some oral psychological exams.

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