All NCAA (Division I, II & III) coaches must become certified. In order to receive the NCAA Coaching Certification, all of these coaches must take the Coaches Recruiting (Certification) Test. There are additional tests mandated for certain sports, but these are not necessary for all.


Recruiting rules vary within every NCAA division as well as within each individual sports. Coaches in NCAA Division I and II must take the Coaches Recruiting (Certification) Test to test their awareness of the rules governing recruiting.

The Test

Samples of the Coaches Recruiting (Certification) Test are available on the NCAA website. There are also outlines of the test and summaries of new legislation available for studying. And there is a new Athletics Certification Handbook published each year.


NCAA Division III coaches do not take the Coaches Recruiting (Certification) Test. In order to be certified they must take the NCAA Division III Rules Test, which is also available on the organization's website.

Specific Sports

The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) requires that certified coaches know their Code of Ethics. There is also additional certification for basketball.

Continuing Education

Though not mandatory, the NCAA provides additional education for certified coaches. Seminars, workshops and conferences are available throughout the year and advertised on its website.

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