There are two parts to the CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) exam: written and clinical. Each state has different exams, but there are questions that are common in each one. The clinical part of the exam is done with a state exam representative watching a student perform 3 to 5 skills common in CNA work. Studying for the written part of the exam can be done by working through practice exams found online. Practice exams "can give students a feel for what to truly expect from the written and clinical parts of the CNA exam," according to

Use the Pearson VUE practice tests to search for CNA practice tests by state. You'll find information specific to your state's CNA exam. Each state's test is different, though they contain common elements.

Each state's CNA exam is different.
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Take the practice exams using your training course's study and reference materials to help you. Take as many practice exams as possible to improve your chances of passing the written part of your CNA exam.

Take as many practice exams as you can.
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Take extra practice tests from Nurse Aide Testing and the Mentee Medical Institute. These online quizzes will further prepare you for your state's CNA exam.

Watch videos from Nurse Aide Testing to help you prepare for the clinical part of the exam.


Network with other CNA students and CNA's online. Learn from any mistakes they may have made when preparing for the CNA exam.


Check out the resources available through your state's CNA certification division.

Watch videos of clinical skills.
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