Post-graduate prep schools can benefit students after they graduate from high school, by preparing them for their college career and opening up more college choices. During this extra year of pre-college education, students will have time to further mature, both academically and socially. Some athletes even use this year to work on strengthening themselves to participate in college-level sports.

Lee Academy

Lee Academy, located in Lee, Maine, has a post-graduate program that has been designed to help students better make the transition from high school to college. AP classes offered at Lee Academy include biology, English, chemistry, history and math. Schedules are individualized to keep students challenged, interested and learning skills that they can carry with them. Basketball is the only sport offered to post-graduate students, and it includes team practices, daily instruction and 30 games for the year. Tuition, as of 2011, is $28,000, and includes room and board, activity costs and a personal student account.

Bridgton Academy

Bridgton Academy, in North Bridgton, Maine, is a college preparatory school with a student body made up of only post-graduate students, unlike many other schools that place post-graduate students in classes with high school seniors and repeat the same type of courses. Students at Bridgton Academy will get a feel for the college experience and environment, but will still get added support and structure to keep them on track. College courses are available, with credits that can be transferred to a university or college. Tuition for the year, as of 2011, is $23,500 for day students and $42,000 for students who board.

Queen City Preparatory Academy

A post-graduate program at Queen City Preparatory Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina can help students enhance their basketball skills or improve academics to better prepare them for a university or college. The curriculum may include advanced algebra or calculus, physics and critical reading and writing. Students who wish to live on campus to get more of a college life experience live in dorms that are shared with other students. Tuition for boarding post-graduate students is $11,000 for the year. Day program student tuition is $4,000 for the year.

Hargrave Military Academy

Students wishing to head to a United States service academy, university or college can get a better start by attending Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia. College-level courses in critical reading and writing, algebra, calculus, physics and chemistry, can prepare students for the classes they will be completing in the future. Students living on campus will be expected to pay a tuition for the year of $28,600, (plus $2,200 for uniforms) that takes care of room and board, laundry, books, haircuts and most fees. Day students will pay $12,750 for the year, with an additional $1,500 fee for uniforms, as of 2011.

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