Virtual home schools provide an alternative to traditional schools. Homeschooling is legal option in the United States and accreditation is available in all 50 states. Alabama requires homeschools be under the cover of a church or have a private tutor. If you operate a homeschool, you must also keep attendance records. These records are used to ensure the student meets the state's attendance requirement of 160 days. After completing their education, your child can receive a diploma. In addition, many colleges and universities offers scholarships to children who are homeschooled. To receive accreditation, the school's teachers must be college educated and certified.

Alabama Hope Academy

Alabama Hope Academy offers online enrollment at a discounted rate of $115 per child or $145 for all the children in a family, as of January 2011. When enrolling in Alabama Hope Academy, parents will receive a discount on the curriculum for grades 6 through 12. Those running a homeschool will also receive a free online program for reading and spelling. AHA is centrally located in Mentone, Alabama, and is one of the oldest cover schools in the state.

South Alabama Homes School Academy

South Alabama Home school Academy in Mobile, Alabama, provides homeschooling for the entire state. Founded in 2009, SAHA provides cover for preschool through 12th grade. Tuition is $150 per year for grades 1 through 12 and $75 per year for preschool and kindergarten students, as of January 2011. There is also a $25 enrollment fee for new families. SAHA also arranges field trips and family fun days for families. This provides an opportunity to meet other homeschooling families while engaging in fun activities.

Evangel Christian School

Evangel Christian School's vision is to aid families through spiritual knowledge by assisting them with the education of their children. Located in Alabaster, Alabama, ECS has a $200 new family enrollment fee and $35 monthly tuition for the nine months of the school year, as of January 2011. Evangel also offers tutoring and an athletic program for homeschool students. Founded in 2004, ECS is state registered for grades kindergarten through 12.

Access Distant Learning

Access Distant Learning is a state-run virtual homeschooling program. A task force set up by Gov. Bob Riley planned and researched the program, which launched in 2004. The goal of the program is to provide equal access and quality instruction to distant learning students to improve academic achievement. This educational option comes complete with a course catalog, high school graduation examinations and advanced placement. As of Jan. 2011, ADL was offered only to high school students, however there are plans to offer this option for middle school students in the future.

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