There are no public or state-run military schools in Georgia. However, most families can find a fantastic military school in Georgia as there are several different military schools and alternative education programs (some of them public) that offer financial aid to qualifying students. Government help for tuition assistance to these schools only exists in the form of traditional financial aid, such as loans that are subsidized by federal funds. These institutions cater to the needs of troubled teens by training them to develop core values of discipline and respect. There are a number of free military schools in Georgia.

Riverside Military Academy

Military schools for troubled youth in Georgia include the famed Riverside Military Academy (RMA). Located in Gainesville, Georgia, RMA is an all-boys college preparatory school that enrolls approximately 360 boys in grades seven through 12. RMA is affiliated with various associations, such as the Southern Association of Independent Schools, the National Association of Independent Schools, the Association of Boarding Schools and the Association of Military Colleges and Schools in the United States. The school offers residential programs to students, but some students just enroll in the day school. Tuition is approximately $28,00 for boarding students and $17,000 for day school students. RMA does not offer scholarships or financial aid, but it does participate with education lenders, such as Sallie Mae, which is subsidized by the federal government.

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College (GMC) is a junior college that also offers a preparatory school for students in grades six through 12. The preparatory school program at GMC is designed to challenge students that have a history of academic failure or behavioral problems and to set them on a track to success. The school follows a traditional school curriculum but emphasizes core values of discipline and respect. Students in the program are prepared to pursue college or professional work following graduation, depending on their personal goals. GMC offers scholarships and financial aid to some students, although it does not guarantee assistance.

Benedictine Military School

Benedictine Military School (BMS) is a private, Catholic college preparatory school for boys with a strong military tradition. BMS is located in Savannah, Georgia. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of the National Catholic Schools Association, the Georgia Independent Schools Association and the Georgia High School Association. BMS educates young men in a traditional academic curriculum but also instills in them leadership skills through a JROTC program. Junior cadets at BMS learn the values of respect, discipline and hard work. They are prepared for lifelong learning and for service to the community. BMS offers financial aid to qualifying students. It is one of the best military schools in Georgia.

Military School in Georgia for Troubled Youth

Eckerd Academy of the Blue Ridge is located in Suches, Georgia. The academy is a licensed and accredited therapeutic program and alternative school for boys and girls between the ages of ten and 18 who have a history of academic failure, learning disability or behavioral disorder. The school welcomes students that have been expelled from public school or that have failed to succeed in the traditional classroom setting. The Eckerd Academy is affiliated with Eckerd Youth Alternatives, which is a national association devoted to providing resources, programs and education to help rehabilitate troubled teens. The school does not offer financial aid, but accepts payments from health insurance plans and from private education lenders. Tuition at Eckerd is tax-deductible.

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