Parents seeking a structured and rigorous educational environment for their children sometimes turn to military schools. However, sometimes a military school is not available nearby. Parents who wish their child to attend school in Massachusetts do have other options, even though as of 2011 no military schools operate in the state. Massachusetts offers a broad selection of private boarding schools, including some that are specifically for boys.

Phillips Academy

Phillips Academy in Andover is a well-regarded residential secondary school. Established in 1778, the school is more commonly known as "Andover." Offering a liberal arts tradition and a history of academic excellence, Andover admits students from all 50 states and 34 countries. Located just north of Boston, Andover combines city accessibility with suburban peace and quiet. Andover students are smart, curious leaders devoted not just to their academic studies, but to community service as well. Andover admits both boys and girls.

Hillside School

Located in Marlborough, Hillside School is an independent residential and day school serving boys from grades 5 through 9. Focusing on boys who need to develop their academic and social skills, Hillside is a rural school that incorporates a working farm. Both boys who have learning differences or attention problems and boys who just need a bit more individual attention are welcome.

Groton School

Founded in 1884 with the intention of helping students with their "intellectual, moral and physical development," the Groton School (in the town of Groton) admits boys and girls in grades 8 through 12. Groton's mission is to provide an academically rigorous program that goes beyond simple college preparation and encompasses personal growth and maturity for its students. Groton offers both residential and day options.

Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy is a private coeducational secondary school in Ashburnham. Committed to providing a "21st century education," Cushing Academy offers coursework in both the arts and sciences and technology. Cushing boasts that it encourages students to engage on a personal level with international current events, preparing them for a lifetime of leadership roles. Cushing admits both residential and day students.

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