All children deserve a quality education and school atmosphere that fits their individual needs. Children who are slow learners may benefit from attending a boarding school where they live with fellow students and teachers for much of the year. This would provide constant access to therapeutic curriculum and appropriate learning resources, and at the same time developing necessary social skills. There are various boarding schools specifically designed to cater to children with learning difficulties.

Pine Ridge School

Pine Ridge School is in Williston, Vermont, and specializes in students with dyslexia and language-based or non-verbal learning disabilities in grades 9 through 12. In addition to individualized academics, self-esteem and advocacy are taught in order to help the students reach their maximum potential and success in life. This school also offers a residential summer academic/camp program for students ages 9 through 18 and a post-graduate program for high school graduates.

Cherry Gulch

Located in Emmett, Idaho, Cherry Gulch is a boarding school for boys aged 10 to 14. The focus of this school is to meet the individual needs of all types of learners through their “triangular pedagogy” method of instruction. Triangular pedagogy includes integration of multiple academic areas, therapy, and logic in order to provide the most beneficial learning environment. To promote students to become life-long learners, students are also taught critical thinking skills and how to foster healthy attitudes towards education, regardless of their learning difficulties.

Landmark School

Established in 1971, Landmark School is in Massachusetts, It serves students in grades 2 through 12 or 7 to 20-year-old students with language and learning disabilities. The students are not grouped by the usual grade level, but rather by ability. The curriculum focuses on small class size and teaching students how to become independent and successful learners. Each student is assigned a tutor for the year, and meets with that tutor every day to ensure academic success and to develop self-esteem.

Oakland School

Oakland School in Keswick, Virginia, is for average-to-above-average intelligence boys and girls ages 6 through 14 with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, visual and auditory processing disorders, study skills and organizational difficulties. Each student has an individualized curriculum that focuses on basic skills, language, math and study skills. Positive reinforcement is stressed to build self-confidence and promote success. The student’s progress is examined very closely by a specific teacher assigned to the individual student to ensure academic and social goals are being reached.

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