Choosing a pageant platform is one of the most important decisions in the pageant candidacy process because it is a reflection of your personal interest and dedication to community service. Platforms are a particular cause or program you choose to promote as part of your volunteer work through the pageant. As an advocate of a platform, you have the opportunity to promote something important to you. Common themes for platforms include medical-research organizations, physical-fitness programs and youth groups.

Personal Interests

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Recognize personal interests by promoting a program of your own design. Personal-interest platforms may be a spin off-from a larger program or something completely new. These platforms take more effort because it is an initiative you take on to create. Create platforms that overlap between interests. For example, if you are interested in horses and special-needs students, create a program that involves getting special-needs children active through horseback riding.

Medical Causes

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Choose a platform dedicated to medical research and funding. Consider established programs such as the March of Dimes, Breast Cancer Awareness, or the American Cancer Foundation. There are many different opportunities at local and national levels to become involved in foundations for medical research. Volunteer with these programs especially if the foundation is personally relevant to you, such as if it has benefited you, a family member or friend.

Community Programs

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Choose community programs such as 4-H or Girl Scouts of America. Youth programs such as these provide you with an opportunity to give back to your community while serving as a role model for the youth involved in them. Other community programs may include environmental clubs, reading programs and animal shelters. Choose programs you participated in as a youth, or programs that represent your interests or values.

Fitness Programs

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Fighting obesity through physical activity and healthy lifestyles is a fitting platform for the active contestant. Promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles through a fitness platform. Work through national programs such as the Get Active initiative, focus on school lunch programs or create your own program. Incorporate an athletic activity you are interested in into the fitness platform to make it more personally relevant. For example, if you are a dancer, use the idea of staying healthy with dance.

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