Many high schools require their students to choose and execute a community service project as a way to teach the students the value of donating their time for the good of others. Volunteering time and efforts in a community is an important experience for young people as a part of a well-rounded education.

Food Drive

Organize a nonperishable food drive. Choose a central location where donations can be collected. Make up colorful full-page flyers and post them on community bulletin boards. Walk door to door and pass out the flyers to residences in the community. Inquire about the possibility of running advertisements in local papers and on local television channels. Donate the proceeds to local food pantries.

Post flyers to promote food drive.

Recycling Program

Visit a local recycling center to learn how materials are recycled in your community. Identify any areas within your community that could benefit from improvements to their recycling program. Examine the practices and procedures at your own high school to see if changes can be made to improve its recycling program. Brainstorm ways that recycled materials can be used within your community. Plan a way to use recycled paper materials, and organize a collection of these materials. Include an educational presentation to help community members learn about the benefits of recycling paper materials.

Improve recycling programs.

Service at Church

Offer to help in various ways at a local church. Many churches need help with passing out bulletins, helping with educational classes, assisting with communion services, participating with music production or assisting members who have special needs.

Participate in music production.

Adopt a Class

Select an elementary school class and spend time each week with the children in the classroom. Read to the children, create special math games designed to make learning fun, and offer tutoring services if individual children are in need of extra help. Set up a writing program, and encourage the students to write letters to you and you can write letters back to them.

Read to children.

Clean Up

Organize a project to clean up a portion of the community. Enlist the help of volunteer students and adults to help pick up trash in a specific area. Break the volunteers into smaller groups, and assign an adult to supervise each group of students. Provide gloves and trash bags, and choose a day to work to clean up the community.

Clean up a portion of the community.

Car Wash

Organize a car wash for community vehicles. Enlist volunteer workers to wash police cars and other community fleet vehicles. Choose a day, provide the materials and meet in a parking lot to wash vehicles for the community.

Organize a car wash.

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