Whether you're applying to colleges for admission, lost your diploma, or simply need a diploma for your own records, in Kentucky you will need to request a new copy of your high school diploma. Unfortunately, there is no single, streamlined process for making this request. Every school district handles the request in a different manner, and it will require going through your old high school in order to get your copy of your high school diploma.

Step 1

Call the high school you graduated from and ask the person you speak with for information on how to request a copy of your high school diploma. Different school districts handle the issue differently. Most require you to fill out and fax in a diploma request form. Some require you to come down in person, or they may take the request over the phone.

Step 2

Pay the transcript fee. Most districts cannot accept credit or debit cards, so you will either need to pay cash in person or mail a check.

Step 3

Inquire about the time-frame in which your diploma will arrive. In most cases it will take several weeks for the diploma to be mailed to you. If that time is not convenient or quick enough, you can request to pick it up in person.

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