If you get expelled from high school, can you go to college? Absolutely. You can also go on to high-paying positions in the career field of your choice.

Being expelled from high school can become a positive. There are a few things to consider before you are dismissed or after you have been expelled and/or have received disciplinary action from the school.

Alternative Education Avenues

Many states allow home-schooled children to present transcripts and standardized tests to show that the student has graduated from high school. Check with your local school district either online or over the phone to discuss your home school high school options. Online or charter schools such as K12 or Odyssey can help a student navigate courses and show that the student has completed all of the necessary high school courses.

Most colleges will accept home-schooled graduates with all of the proper paperwork in place. Employers will often accept a certificate from an online high school or home school.

Explain Expulsion on College Applications

College admission officers are looking for stellar students, of course, as well as individuals who have shown an exceptional ability to overcome obstacles.

Many students make the mistake of oversharing on their college application. Be succinct in your descriptions and provide enough information to allow the college admission officials to understand the situation and how it has changed you for the better. Honesty and brevity will help you to turn in a solid application to the college of your choice.

The main thing to remember is that you shouldn't lie or misinform the college board when directly asked about past or current disciplinary issues.

Expelled From School Reasons

A college application or job application is not the time to state your case or point out any wrongdoing. A high school expulsion college admission letter should include the following:

  • A brief description of the disciplinary infraction. Don’t go into too much detail or assign blame to parties who can’t speak for themselves. Keep it simple and to the point without complaints or finger pointing to the school or people involved.

  • Offer a basic timeline of when the incident occurred, particularly if it was well in the past.

  • Include any disciplinary actions you completed. This can be a bright spot on your application. It may do you well to discuss what you gained from this difficult period and what you learned from the subsequent punishment.

When to Hire a School Expulsion Attorney

High school students typically cannot be expelled or suspended from school without the recommendation or consent of the superintendent or principal of the school.

If the reason for expulsion is particularly egregious, the child and parents may benefit from hiring a school expulsion attorney.

A school expulsion attorney can argue a child’s position and possibly carry more sway with a high school board than a parent who can be more emotional or perceived as one sided.

Tips for the GED

Students who go after the GED after being expelled show that they are committed to finishing school. It also shows that they have the determination to follow through and work hard to further their academic or professional career.

Studying for and obtaining the GED shows a potential employer that you have the fortitude to achieve a personal goal and rise above the hardships that life can throw at you. A GED is generally considered to be an equivalent of a high school diploma. If you are nervous or feel that you aren’t a strong candidate, look to attend community college or volunteer in areas in which you hope to work or study at college.

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