Student athletes will need letters of recommendation to accompany their college admission application. As a coach, one of your student athletes may ask you to write a letter of recommendation for him. A good letter of recommendation may tip the scales in favor of an applicant who may have had some academic difficulties in the past. Your letter can help the college admission application reviewers make a decision to grant admission to an applicant with borderline qualifications.

Open your word processor software on your school or home computer. Begin the letter of recommendation by pressing "Enter" four to five times from the top of the page. Enter the current date.

Press "Enter" once and type your full name. Press "Enter" and type the name of the school where you coach, followed by the address of the school. Include your office telephone number and official school email address. Press "Enter" once.

Address the letter to "Admission Counselor" or "Admissions Committee." Press "Enter" and begin your letter by explaining to the admissions counselor or committee how you know the student applicant. Tell the counselor or committee how long you have known the student.

Describe your qualifications, including how long you have been teaching or coaching. List all of the student applicant's qualities and skills. Highlight achievements at school and in the community. Detail the student's commitment to excellence, organizational skills and her ability to maintain an acceptable GPA while playing sports.

Tell the reader about the applicant's personal strengths. Give your honest assessment of the applicant's potential to succeed. Provide specific examples of the applicant's successes. Complete your recommendation letter with a clear statement that you support the applicant's admission to the college or university.

Save the letter on your computer. Load your printer with official school stationary. Print the letter on school stationary and then sign the letter. Place the letter inside an envelope that has the school address printed in the return address section and seal the letter. Mail the recommendation to the school or give the sealed envelope to the student who can then deliver the recommendation to the admissions office.


A good letter of recommendation is no longer than one to two pages.

Emphasize the positive attributes of the student applicant.

Do not list student weaknesses or attempt to make excuses for a student's poor study habits.

Do not mention race, sex, national origin, disability, religion or other intrinsic characteristic unless absolutely relevant to the application.

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