Finding out what grades you made in high school or college is easy. All academic institutions, whether public or private, are required to keep academic records for all students. For high school grades, a person would contact her high school office and, for college grades, the Office of the Registrar. It is even possible to get academic records from institutions that have closed. Each state's department of education keeps lists of the transcript holders from closed institutions. It is very difficult to erase a paper trail.

Contact the high school office of the institute you attended either by phone or email. Follow the instructions the office gives you for submitting a transcript request. If you are 17 or younger, a parent or guardian will have to handle the matter for you.

Contact the Office of the Registrar from the college you attended. Use the college website to find the appropriate phone number or email, or call the school's main number and asked to be transferred. When emailing the registrar, send your name and/or former name, address and former address, phone number and a request for the transcripts you want released, including your dates of matriculation. Ask if there is a charge for a transcript.

Contact the state Department of Education to get a transcript or record of grades from an institution that has closed. Search the department's website for a list of decommissioned schools and identify which academic institution now holds the records for the one that closed. Call the Department of Education if you cannot locate the relevant information.

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