Resuming your education after a semester or year-long suspension is a challenging -- but not impossible -- endeavor. Poor attendance and poor grades are the main reasons for academic suspension. However, if health issues or a death in the family contributed to your struggles, a suspension is sometimes easier to overcome than if you simply didn't do the work in your classes. It is usually easier to regain admission to your previous college, because the college you attended is more familiar with you as a person, while a new school can only evaluate your paperwork.

How to Get Back Into College After Suspension

Write a letter detailing any extenuating circumstances that led to your suspension from college. In your letter, clearly state why you believe you will succeed in college in the future. If applying for readmission to your previous college or applying for entry to a different college, you must likely write a letter explaining the circumstances of your suspension.

Obtain letters from doctors, friends, social workers, clergy members, or anyone else who can substantiate the circumstances regarding your suspension. Though not all colleges ask for these types of letters, they are beneficial to include with an application for admission or readmission to show the review board the entire situation regarding your suspension.

Audit classes to gain knowledge, prepare for reentry into college, and show the review board that you are serious about pursuing your college education. If possible, obtain recommendation letters from instructors of the classes you audit.

Take College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams to earn college credit. You can take CLEP tests for classes that you have audited.

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