Certain accomplishments can change your life for the better. Earning your GED certificate is one of these. GED stands for General Educational Development and is the procedure of earning the equivalent of your high school diploma. To earn your GED certificate you will attend classes, learn the material and pass a five part test. To prepare, free local adult education classes are offered by New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

Earning Your GED Certificate

Step 1

Meet the requirements. You must be at least 16 years old and not enrolled in or graduated from a high school. Applicants who are 16 and 17 years old must provide a "Certificate of Consent to Participate" from a parent or legal guardian.

Step 2

Prepare for the test. Enroll in a free GED preparation course offered by the State of New Jersey. Another alternative is classes offered on television on the New Jersey Network. Contact 800-345-7587 to learn about preparation classes on television and contact the NJ Department of Education for adult education classes locations near you at 609-292-4469.

Step 3

Contact the Testing Center where you wish to take the GED Tests to get the dates available and to schedule your test. Tests can only be given at sites approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education.

Step 4

Bring two pieces of identification. Per the State of New Jersey, one must be government-issued with your date of birth, photograph, address and signature. You will also need a money order in the amount of $50 payable to the testing center when you go for the test.

Step 5

Take the test. Testing is spread over two days and will take seven hours and 25 minutes. Included on the tests are language arts, involving correcting and revising text and writing an essay on an assigned topic. You will also be tested on social studies which covers American and world history, government, economics and geography. There are also sections on science, reading and mathematics.

Step 6

Pass the test. The scores on each part of the test range from 200 (the lowest) to 800. You must have a score of 410 or higher on all five of the individual subjects to pass. If you do not pass one or more of the tests you are permitted to retake just those tests. Each retest will cost an additional $10 and must be rescheduled.

Requesting a Copy of Your GED Transcript

Step 1

Download an official copy of your GED transcript using your personal GED Access Code that you receive at the time of your registration. This will show the highest scores earned from all GED tests you have taken. The transcript will verify whether the person earned a New Jersey State Endorsed High School Diploma.

Step 2

Obtain a Transcript Request Form on the Internet if you do not have a personal GED Access Code. Forms are also available at your local testing center or you can call the GED information line at 609-777-1050 and leave your name and address on the voice mail and you will receive a form in the mail.

Step 3

Complete all parts on the Transcript Request Form to request a copy of your GED transcript. Send the completed and signed form to:

NJ Department of Education Office of GED Testing PO Box 500 Trenton, NJ 08625-0500


The first part of the mathematics test allows you to use a calculator which will be provided by the testing center. The second part is done without their use.


GED Tests may only be taken three times per year for each section and there is a retest fee of $10.


If you fail to notify the testing center at least 72 hours in advance that you will not be there you must pay the $50 fee again before scheduling a new appointment.

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