Every year, high school students across the country register to take the SAT in hopes that a good score will get them into the better colleges. These tests are administered on specific days during the year, usually Saturdays. The College Board requires that schools or other organizations register as an official SAT test center; these centers are the only places allowed to administer the exam. The test center administrator controls the staff hiring, and a potential proctor must adhere to several rules before he can be hired.

Step 1

Visit the College Board SAT registration website to search for official testing centers in your area. Select "Test Center" from the drop-down menu and choose a test date. Specify the state and city for a more specific list.

Step 2

Call the testing centers and ask where you should send a resume. The test center administrator controls hiring and will let you know if the center is searching for proctors. Even if it's not actively searching, it may keep your resume on file in case a need arises for more staff.

Step 3

Email or fax your resume to the correct contact at the testing center. All testers must be high school graduates, must be fluent in English and cannot have any family taking the test. You also cannot have taken the SAT within the last 180 days.

Step 4

Ask the schools for information about third-party hiring companies. Some schools do not hire the administrators internally; instead, they contract with another company to manage hiring for them. If this is the case, send your resume to the hiring company.

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