An Environmental Protection Agency certification boosts any resume. According to the Clean Air Act, any professional working on refrigeration and air conditioning equipment must possess an EPA certification. Obtaining EPA certification indicates that you are expertly qualified to build, repair and assess small appliances and low- or high-pressure appliances. Give yourself at least three months of daily study before taking the EPA test.

Determine which type of EPA certification you need. Type I certification covers small appliances using a maximum of 5 lbs. of refrigerant. Type II certification includes all high-pressure appliances that boil refrigerant at temperatures below -58 degrees. Type III certification covers low-pressure equipment that boil refrigerant at temperatures exceeding 50 degrees.

Study all pertinent reference materials to prepare for the certification test. Purchase study materials and textbooks. Download free software through the Contractor Licensing and the EPA Test websites. Go online and visit the EPA website and type in "Overview of Issues on EPA Certification Test" into the search box. Click "Search" and follow links to examine certification test contents.

Visit the EPA Test website. Scroll the cursor over the EPA certification test you wish to take. Click on the "Get Certified Online" link. Read all rules before continuing. Note that you must answer 21 out of 25 questions correctly to pass an exam. Click on the "I Have Read the Exam Rules Below and am Ready to Begin" tab to pay the test fee --- $24.95 for first time test-takers and $5.95 for every repeat try as of 2011.

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