The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) exists under individual state jurisdiction with each state government operating its own DMV. Because each state DMV operates individually, each DMV office may have different policies and hours of operation. To make a DMV appointment for testing or renewal, you must contact the DMV office in your state to inquire how to proceed. Some offices may make appointments over the Internet, and other offices do not offer this service.

Visit the DMV Quick Guide website (see Resources) for a comprehensive list of each state's DMV office. View the graphic image of the United States with each state separated by an outline. Click on your state to view specific information about your state DMV office. Within each state listing, you will find a link that will take you to your state DMV's website, where you can find contact information.

Navigate to the Unofficial DMV Guide website (see Resources) for a complete list of state DMV offices. Find the graphic image of the United States and click on your state to see information about your state's DMV office. You will find answers to basic questions about your state DMV office and its services, as well as a link to your state DMV's website. Follow the link to find local contact information.

Use the information you find on your state DMV's website. Look for information about the services you require from the DMV, and look for a link that enables you to make an appointment online if your state's DMV offers this service. Find a telephone number that you can call to speak with a DMV representative. Ask the representative any questions you have and make your appointment over the telephone.

Find local government listings in your telephone book for an alternative method of contacting your DMV and making an appointment. Look under the government listing section of your telephone book to find your DMV office.

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