Many employers now regard an undergraduate college degree as the minimal qualification for job candidates. A graduate degree, then, can make job seekers stand out in the employable crowd. According to Beth Braccio Hering of Career Builder, an MBA can help people find employment in a turbulent economy and is often expected on resumes. Though competition is fierce, the business world will always have job openings. Knowing what the top jobs are for candidates with an MBA will help students prepare for the working world.

IT Manager

The number one job for MBA graduates is Information Technology Manager, according to “U.S. News and World Report.” Having a skilled information technology manager will always be a top priority for every business. IT managers are responsible for the overall performance of the company’s networks. They must make sure the hardware, software, telephone systems and Internet solution is up to date and working with 100 percent efficiency. They often oversee a staff of technicians who continuously work on the network.

Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor working for a single person may be engaged for a short spell or over a long period of time, in which a financial plan is established and carried out. The client can also retain a financial advisor as a consultant. When financial advisors work for corporations, they help in financial management efforts to make sure the company is running efficiently, investing wisely and minimizing unnecessary spending. Big banks also employ financial advisors to perform the same tasks for their establishment and for their individual clients.

Human Resources Specialist or Director

Human Resources specialists often hold the key to a company’s ability to be successful, as they directly affect employee productivity. An HR director works for large companies, handling benefits and compensation and performing job analyses. They oversee payroll and benefits eligibility and enrollment. An HR specialist can also have his hand in recruitment and job placement.

Director of Sales

According to the Chapman University, having an MBA is preferred for the director of sales position. A director of sales works with marketing and stakeholders to create and organize effective sales strategies that are on par with sources for engagement. They also develop personalized solutions to cater to current and prospective client needs. A director of sales creates sales incentive structures and commissions for projected growth within the sales department and stays on top of market opportunities and trends.

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