The Intelligence Quotient test, also known as the IQ test, was developed by Alfred Binet in 1904. Although originally intended for use by teachers to place children in the proper advanced and remedial classes, it has since taken on a popular culture identification as a measure of genius.


There are several online sources which allow you to take an IQ test for free, and receive the results for free.,,, and are all Internet locations where free results can be discovered. A prospective test taker should be careful to avoid scams and viruses while perusing for free tests. The popularity of IQ tests make it a prime front for such piracy.

Paper Tests

Free paper tests are much more rare than free online tests. Some colleges and communities sometimes offer special free tests, either as a means of promoting some other product or idea, or as an event used to bring a group of people together.

Concerns and Considerations

Not all free IQ tests are alike, nor are any two IQ tests necessarily alike. The accuracy of all tests should be taken with a grain of salt. Even the inventors and subsequent propagators of the test largely questioned its level of accuracy. While online tests are not necessarily fake, they shoudl not be trusted to provide an entirely accurate estimate of an individual's overall intelligence quotient.

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