People who give speeches typically do so with an identifiable style. The style of speech is normally dictated by the purpose of the speech itself. Some people choose a speech style because it is more comfortable and allows them to deliver a speech more effectively, while others are more comfortable adjusting speech style based on specific situations, including subject matter, purpose and audience.


The informative speech style is meant to instruct. It is very much like teaching those you are speaking to. This speech style is typically focused and to the point because the speaker aims to be clear and educate. Informative speeches can be dry, but the speech is presented to best highlight the subject matter. College professors and employers are likely to give informative speeches.


A persuasive speech is meant to garner support from the audience, or to persuade the audience about a particular subject. Politicians are known for persuasive speech making. Persuasive speeches can be relaxed in tone or intense, but a persuasive speech almost always carries some extreme emotion, which the speaker uses as a tool. The persuasive speech style can be called a motivational speech.


An entertaining speech is relaxed in nature. This speech type allows the speaker to veer off course and tell anecdotes that may be personal in nature, meant to tie together the speech being given. This type of speech may be given by a best man at a wedding, a speaker at a comedic roast or an award's ceremony.

News or Announcement

News or announcement speech styles are characterized by the same direct manner as an informative speech style. This speech style leaves little room for personal input, unless it is in the context of a debate. The object of the news or announcement speech style is to inform an audience about an event, which is why this style resembles the informative speech style.

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