The best is usually saved for last. Art students winding down a course or completing a class or degree typically are required to show their absolute best piece in a public setting, usually an art gallery or college exhibit. Planning to create and choose a college art project can assist a student in showcasing their best work way before the need to arises. Paint, photos, clay, wood or wax, there are many ideas for college art projects to inspire and encourage students on their way to graduation.

Why Try Something New

Students who excel with oil painting may try their hand at engraving to flex their artistic muscles. Dabbling in more than one art medium can assist in expanding the artist’s repertoire. Take a look at what interests you, what you are best at and incorporate your interests into a new art form. Making an attempt to expand your art repertoire can only lead to more skills and a better appreciation for new art forms that can add to what medium you tend to gravitate toward and have mastered.

Examples of Art Projects

Art project ideas for college students include everything from painting to engraving and sculpting and more. Examples of art projects that incorporate engraving include large panels, crayon etching or scratch art, wax scratchings, small boxes, wax slabs, paper and household items. An etching art project can be done with a chisel, laser or pen knife, to name a few of the more popular ways to make engravings.

Art theme ideas for painters include political takes on hot topic issues, horticulture or agriculture or landscapes. Prints are a combination of painting and etching using wood blocks or other materials to transfer an image to another medium, such as vinyl, plastic or canvas. Sculpting a statement or scene out of stone, clay, glass or metal makes for magical art projects that last long after the first exhibit and final course score.

Technology Aspects of Art Projects

Combining different mediums such as paint or paper mache with art that uses technology can bring inspiration to an artist. Computer imaging is a relatively new art project class that is quickly carving a niche in the art world. Artists can build multimedia 3-D displays or installations using video equipment tools, graphics generators and photo editors. Photographs can be a cool college art project, particularly when combined with various art mediums. Landscapes, architecture seen through various perspectives, scenery switched up to surprise the viewer and people in repose are a few ideas for a photography college art project that can get noticed.

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