When high school and college students are not studying in the classroom, many of them participate in extracurricular activities. These types of activities include athletics, academic clubs and fine arts organizations. One advantage of participating in extracurricular activities for high school students is that many colleges and universities offer scholarships for their involvement. Most extracurricular clubs and organizations are free to join.


One of the more visible forms of extracurricular activities is athletics. With the exception of smaller high schools and colleges, most academic institutions offer a variety of athletic programs, including football, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. Athletic games occur throughout the year. During the fall, football and soccer games are played, while the spring semester features basketball and baseball games. In high school, students get credit for taking Physical Education classes, while most colleges and universities offers tuition scholarships for student athletes. Typical athletic facilities include football fields, tennis courts and basketball courts.

Student Government

Nearly every college and high school has a student government association. Members of a student government association are voted in by their peers, or the “student body.” The purpose of this group is to be a voice for the student body when addressing issues before the college or university's administration. Issues may include the condition of dormitories, teacher-student relations and facility upgrades. The members of student government organizations also raise funds and awareness for school programs and charity events, such as Habitat for Humanity and local community drives.

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Students who have a dramatic flair or interest in painting can take theater and visual art classes. The drama and dance clubs at high schools and universities offer productions of plays, dance concerts and musicals throughout the year, while art clubs feature exhibits of students' works. Choirs and marching bands are available for students who have singing and musical talents. Many high schools and universities submit their plays into regional and national competitions. These competitions provide high visibility for students interested in pursuing the arts as a career.

Academic Organizations

Aside from academics in the classroom, students participate in academic organizations such as the Mathematics Society and Student Education Association. Members of these clubs focus on one career and receive assistance from fellow members in receiving experience in their chosen field. One advantage of joining these organizations is networking with working professionals and alumni in a career of interest. Meetings occur throughout the year for regional and national chapters of an academic organization.

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