During a nursing practicum you will most likely be required to keep a journal. Even if you aren't required to do so, a practicum journal can be a useful tool for learning and for reference when you take your exams. The journal also serves as proof of your practicum experience. When you write entries in your journal, try to do it at the end of each practicum session while the information is still fresh in your mind.

Step 1

Describe an event that happened while you were working that day. Choose a significant event related to your learning and development goals. Be detailed and factual.

Step 2

Write about the event from the point of view of an observer. For example, pretend you were the patient's family member or another staff member who saw what happened. Detail how you believe that person would have perceived what happened.

Step 3

Describe how the event affected your learning. Be specific in writing what you learned from the event and how you will apply that knowledge or experience going forward.


Be sure to follow your instructor's requirements for your nursing practicum journal.

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