Women's groups can range from non-profit organizations created to help people in need to casual book clubs that meet once a month. Some women just enjoy spending time with other women, while some join these groups to get a break from their ongoing roles of wife and mother. Still others join because they enjoy the conversation and activities.

Casual Escape

Some women's groups are formed casually as a reason to get out of the house and spend time with friends. These groups are very informal, usually consisting of a group of women who want to get together once or twice a month. The members might take turns choosing an activity, such as a movie, dinner out, shopping or a day at the spa.


A large majority of women's groups are clubs that focus on learning a new skill or studying a specific topic. These groups usually meet once a week and center around such things as knitting, investments or books. Bible studies are another common focus of women's groups.


Some women's groups are formed specifically to help others. For example, a lot of churches have women's groups designed to help in certain areas, such as cooking for a family when a new baby arrives or raising money for a family in need. Some of these groups work in partnership with city agencies designed to help families in trouble. The women's groups might identify families and refer them to the city agencies that can help them, or they may arrange for child care so a mother can find a job or escape an abusive situation.

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