Organizing a group of people into a social club can be a fun and growing experience. You will get to know more people, participate in activities with one another, plan with one another, and possibly even serve with one another. A social club is a group of people with common goals or common lifestyles. Here are a few tips on how to organize a social club.

Name your social club. Create a name for your social club. You might decide to create a name based on your interests or common characteristics, such as stay-at-home moms, divorced spouses, and so on.

Advertise your social club. Create a flyer with meeting information or event information for your social club. To get more responses, create tear off pieces at the bottom with the name of the social club and a phone number or address people can contact if they are interested in joining. Post flyers at libraries, doctors' offices, or other places of business or locations you would find prospective members at.

Choose an executive board. For a successful social club, you will need someone in charge, as well as an executive board to help the person in charge. The executive board includes the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Usually, the person who starts the club is considered the founder, or president. The president can decide if he or she would like to assign members to the positions of the executive board or hold an election. For the first term, it might be easier to assign the positions. For future terms, it will be easier to hold elections for the different positions.

Decide on rules and procedures. With your executive board, decide if there is to be an annual membership fee that helps pay for activities, room rentals, and supplies. Decide if your club will have a newsletter that it publishes. Decide on the rules for attendance at club activities or meeting procedures. Be sure to type these up and keep them in a club notebook or binder for future boards to use.

Plan the year. With your executive board and those members in attendance at the meeting, decide on activities, meetings, and service projects you'd like to hold throughout the calendar year. When the activities and dates are decided on, be sure to e-mail or mail a newsletter to members who are a part of your club. Decide if there are requirements people must meet in order to become a member of the social club.


Hold an open house for your first event and invite as many people as possible who you think would be interested in joining your club. Have cards, stickers or flyers prepared for them to take home.


Be patient. It will take time and patience as you learn how your club works and how the people work together. Work as a team and strive to have a great experience in your social club. Just because you are the president of the club does not give you the right to boss everyone in the club around.

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