The Capstone Project is the definitive project for graduate business degrees. This project gives advisors an idea of whether you have mastered the subject area of your choice in business school. It is the higher equivalent of the undergraduate senior project. The type of study you elect to do shows your interests, competency and educational perspective on your area of study.

What Topics Make The Best Capstone Project?

Case studies make the best capstone projects. Some of the best topics involve Fortune 100 companies with their start-up and growth information. Observing success stories like Facebook, Dell and Microsoft and providing feedback can show how well you've matriculated through graduate school. Case studies as capstone projects can demonstrate your ability to think, act and work as an executive.

What Topics Make the Worst Capstone Projects?

Topics that involve in-depth and tedious statistical analysis with complex technical concepts make poor capstone projects. Capstone projects that involve high levels of technical complexity fail to gain support from graduate advisors. These types of projects often stretch students' hypothesis-testing abilities and create problems during the seminar or project presentation phase.

What Topics Are The Most Popular?

While no specific statistics are available on business school capstone projects, anecdotal evidence presents the idea that industry-related information, corporate marketing and growth studies are popular topics. The popularity of these topics is most probably related to the fact that they follow people as they get rich.

What Topics Are Least Popular?

Pure economics topics are least popular. Capstone projects that speak about economic theory without a direct relationship to applicable circumstances tend to lose people. These projects are also more difficult to defend and get the least popular support at presentation.

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