Have you ever had a dream that later came to fruition? Have you ever answered the phone before it rang or called a friend just as they were about to call you? If so, you may have some psychic abilities! Many believe that we all have some psychic abilities and that all we need to do is spend the time to develop them. If you are wondering what your natural psychic abilities might be, the Internet can help you find out. Grab your crystal ball and let's go!

Go to a quiet room with a computer and Internet access. Relax and clear your mind and eliminate all distractions.

For a very basic ESP test, go to the geocities.com link listed in the Resources section below. This is a quick card exam where you are asked to identify the one card out of four that has a circle on it. Don't get discouraged if you don't do very well, as this may not accurately measure all types of psychic abilities.

For a more detailed ESP card test, go to bellaonline.com. This site offers a more advanced form of the Zener test, offering your choice of card types including using symbols, faces or numbers. This test takes a little more time, so stay relaxed and do your best (see Resources below).

For a little something more challenging try a remote viewing test! Psychic-experiences.com offers several different tests, but the remote viewing one is a bit more advanced for online exams (see Resources below). Relax and concentrate, and you will be on your way!

For a fun and colorful quick test, go to psychic.com.au. This 3-dimensional point-and-drag test is easy to interpret. A 4 out of 16 correct selections indicate some psychic abilities (see Resources below).


Take several tests to get an accurate idea of what your psychic potential is.

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