High school wrestling gear is expensive. Wrestling grants can pay for all the incidentals that come with this highly competitive sport. There are grants for wrestling mats, training venues, match equipment and more. Each grant or scholarship has specific requirements for its application process, so take care to understand thoroughly what the organization is asking for before taking the time to fill out all the paperwork.

Perks of Playing the Sport

Participating in high school parts can offer a student tools that can help them throughout other aspects of their life. Grant and scholarship officials understand that a student who is asking for funding to further their sports goals is serious in pursuing their endeavor. Many of the grant givers are looking to assist wrestlers in continuing to build not only their training and hone their skills, but their confidence, dedication and ability to continue their chosen sport.

How to Prepare a Wrestling Grant

A grant or scholarship is free funding. It can be for the team, for your own pursuits or equipment needs or for a venue that allows you to wrestle freely. Wrestling grants can be for everything from a pair of new shoes to youth wrestling equipment, such as mats for an entire league. Once you have chosen one or more grants to apply to, you’ll need to carve out some time to devote to writing a grant and fulfilling all the requirements so you don’t waste your or the organization's time. Take time to list your goals, the league or team’s pursuits and detail any accomplishments, championship wins or other highlights. Describe in detail how you intend to spend the funds, what the funds will do for you or the team in the long run. If you don’t get a grant the first time you apply, don’t give up. You can apply multiple times throughout the year or again the following year. What you learn in creating a grant you can use when you are applying for other grants, as well.

Wrestling Grants to Consider

Check city, county and state organizations for sports grants that focus on wrestling. For instance, wrestlers in the far north states and Northwest region, from Montana to Alaska, can apply for the Pride Foundation Varsity Athletics Scholarship. Liberty Mutual Insurance has long supported student athletes, particularly wrestlers. The Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports grant pairs with Positive Coaching Alliance to teams that have shown good sportsmanship above and beyond the average athlete or team interactions.

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