Voting is one of the single most important things we can do as United States citizens. Not only does voting provide us with the obvious outlet for our opinions on how our country should be run and by whom, but it celebrates the freedoms and ideals on which our nation was founded. The honor of voting is even more profound for women and minorities who gained the right to vote after having to fight for equality. If you're excited, ready and willing to do your civic duty, but aren't sure how to find your voting precinct, the road to expressing your democratic opinion is a simple one.

Find your voter registration card. When you last registered to vote you should have been mailed a voter registration card with all your voting information on it. The information listed on your voter registration card should include your name, address, political affiliation if any and the location of your voting precinct. If you've misplaced your voter registration card it's a good idea to have it replaced by calling your local elections office.

Re-register to vote if necessary. If you can't find your voter registration card and you're unsure of your voting precinct, it may be time for you to register to vote again. Try to remember if you've registered to vote recently and keep in mind that you must re-register after you've moved or changed your name. If you think you need to re-register, you can do so at your county elections office or, depending on laws in your state, possibly online at your county elections office website.

Contact your county elections office. Call or visit your county elections office to have an elections official direct you to your proper voting precinct. Be sure to bring an identification card with you, such as a driver's license or military or student identification, as well as a piece of mail, like a utility bill, so that the elections official can find the proper precinct for you.

Stop by the county courthouse. Your county courthouse should have a map of all the voting precincts in your town. Let a courthouse aide know that you're trying to find your voting precinct; give them your address and they should be able to point you in the right direction to your proper precinct.

Use to find your voting precinct. is a great resource and possibly the easiest way for you to locate your voting precinct. Simply visit the website and enter your complete address in the proper fields. After entering your information, click "Go." You will be provided with not only the address of your voting precinct, but written directions, a map and the voting precinct's hours of operation. Happy voting.


If you are interested in a particular political candidate, information on where to vote in your state can sometimes be found on the candidate's official website.


Make sure to register to vote by the deadline in your state. Some states require you to register to vote at least a month in advance, while other states will allow you to register the day of the election and vote using a provisional ballot.

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