Tickets donated for a fundraiser are an excellent way to help an organization to accomplish its goals. Getting a charitable donation of tickets to a theater performance, concert or sporting event is often possible because not all tickets for events are used. As reported at Tix4Cause, " research shows that season ticket holders on average only attend 40-45 percent of their events and offer the balance of their tickets to either friends, clients, employees, or try to sell them. Research also shows that 10-15 percent of the time they may do nothing and just toss them aside." With the appropriate approach and determination, you can obtain tickets for your fundraiser.

Make a list of events to request a donation of tickets. Determine how many events you would like to offer tickets for and how many tickets per event. Match the theme of the events to your fundraiser to further your appeal. For example, if your organization is raising funds for an acting school for underprivileged youth, you can request tickets for a Broadway play.

Visit the venue's website. Record the address of the venue. Call the venue and get the name of the person who handles fundraiser requests. Add the name to the address and make sure that the name is spelled correctly.

Write a letter on your organization's stationary. Get right to the point. As explained at Fundraiser Help, "don't beat around the bush. Tell about your organization or project at the top of the letter and get to the point right away." Describe your organization. Explain why tickets to their event will benefit the organization. Indicate how many tickets you would like from the venue. Offer to pick the tickets up from the venue. If your organization has a website, offer to link to the venue and event on your website. Be sure to send your letter well in advance of the event date or dates. If the event is in December, for example, send your letter in September or the beginning of October.

Call the venue and talk to the person you sent the letter to one week after sending the letter. Determine if your letter was received. Ask if they will agree to donate the tickets. Be sure to thank the person whether they say "yes" or not.


Venues get requests for free tickets for fundraisers often. Some may give you a negative response. The key to successful fundraising is perseverance. If one venue turns you down, move on to the next.

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