Simple, entertaining and easy are the three words that describe a 50/50 fundraiser. Created to fundraise alone or in conjunction with another event, the 50/50 fundraiser offers 50 percent of the cash value to the winning ticket holder, while the other 50 percent goes to the organization hosting the raffle. Participants are encouraged to purchase tickets for a chance to win a potentially large sum of money. Host a 50/50 fundraiser for your organization and get participants excited about the possibility of winning big.

Purchase a roll of tickets to use for the drawing. There are several different types of tickets, the best ones for the 50/50 raffle are purchased in a large roll, and have two tickets with matching serial numbers printed side by side. Ticket rolls can be purchased at carnival supply companies or party companies.

Decorate buckets with money signs for the tickets to be placed into for the chance to win. Once someone purchases a ticket, they will keep one ticket and place the other into the bucket. Place all money collected into a separate money box with a lock to keep secure until the fundraiser is complete.

Advertise the fundraiser through posters, flyers and walk and talks. You will want to decide if you will be doing the fundraiser solo or with another event, such as a trivia night. Solo fundraisers can include the organization and the community; therefore, flyers and posters will work best to get the word out. Fundraisers that are in conjunction with another event can be advertised on the flyer for the event and organizers can walk around during the event to sell tickets. Always put an end date and time for the winner to be drawn on the flyer.

Sell the tickets at an unbeatable price. Most 50/50 tickets are $1 per ticket. Entice the potential winner to purchase 12 tickets for $10 or six tickets for $5. The more tickets sold means the larger the winning sum when the winning ticket is drawn.

Draw the winner from the bucket at the predetermined time. Announce the winning serial number. Present the winner with exactly 50 percent of the money.


Place one or two people in charge of keeping the money safe and secure. If you cannot find tickets with matching serial numbers than have participants write their names on the tickets before placing them in the bucket.

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