Texas Tech University is a liberal arts research university located in Lubbock, Texas. If you have decided to apply to TTU -- and by extension, its 150 undergraduate degree programs -- you will have to demonstrate you are ready for the academic challenge by supplying TTU with your high school transcript and your college placement test scores. All aspects of your completed application are considered and weighed, so don't worry -- one bad grade or score doesn't mean an immediate rejection of your admissions application to TTU.

Admission Requirements

Texas Tech doesn’t state a minimum required GPA for freshman applicants coming from high school. However, when you apply to TTU, you must submit your high school transcript for evaluation, along with SAT or ACT scores. You must also complete the Texas Recommended High School Program or an equivalent to be considered. The RHSP is a set of high school classes that includes four units of English, four units of math, four units of laboratory science and two units of foreign language. Completing this coursework demonstrates that you have the academic skill set necessary for college success.

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