How to Get a Job With a Public School System. Getting a job with a public school system can be frustrating. It is hard to know where to look for open jobs, if indeed, the school at which you wish to work even posts its open jobs. Read on to learn some insider tips on how to snag a great job with a public school system, whether as a teacher, paraprofessional, principal or non-certified employee.

Start with the school district's website. Most public schools do not post jobs on individual school websites because as a public school employee, you work for the school system, not an individual school. Many larger school systems will list their open jobs and have an online application process.

Check out the statewide job posting board. Many school systems are small and cannot afford the expense of a fancy website, so they co-op with other school systems and post their open jobs on a combined job board. Try searching for "teaching jobs" in a search engine to find your state's job board.

Call the particular school in which you are interested and ask if they have any openings. At elementary schools, you should speak to the principal, curriculum assistant or vice principal. For middle schools and junior high schools, talk to the team leaders, the principal or the vice principals. At high schools, address your calls to the department heads or assistant principals. If you have trouble reaching these individuals visit a school's website, find your desired contact person's email and send him or her your resume.

Contact your local college or university. Often public school systems will advertise open jobs in these venues.

Network with any teachers or school personnel that you know. They may know of open jobs before the public.


If you get frustrated trying to land a job with a public school system, don't give up. The hiring process is generally somewhat slower than in the private industry.


Avoid general job websites, as most public school systems do not utilize them.

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