School administration and school supervision tasks are closely related. School supervision is a subset of school administration. While administrators are responsible for setting standards and monitoring overall school operations, school supervision also includes things like monitoring cafeteria, enforcing codes of student behavior and disciplining students who break the rules.

School Administration

A school's administrative staff are responsible for clearly defining the school's goals and implementing strategies for reaching them. School administration staff must assume leadership to establish a climate of acceptance of school goals and directives within this school staff. School administrators are responsible for setting and explaining school policies and garnering the support of school staff for the same. Generally speaking, school administration staff are responsible for setting goals and objectives and establishing the means by which the progress will be measured and implement.

School Supervision

School supervisory personnel are responsible for enforcing the school's goals and objectives. Enforcement includes supervising all areas of student behavior, educational progress and social development. From the time students walk onto the school property until they leave at the end of the school day, school staff are responsible to supervise and maintain an orderly environment that will facilitate progress toward the school's goals and policies.

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Overlapping Responsibilities

School administration and supervisory staff must work together. When the administration does not respect the input of the supervisory staff or, or the supervisory staff feels that the administration is out of touch with the day-to-day responsibilities, supervisory and administrative staff relationships can quickly devolve into competition and conflict management, rather than cooperation for students' progress and benefit

Mutually Exclusive Responsibilities

Any wise leader understands that her job requires input from those whom her policies and decisions affect. School administrators should stay closely connected to the everyday tasks and responsibilities carried by the school supervisory staff. By maintaining an open and responsive relationship, school administrators can establish policies and goals that are realistic and attainable. The administrators responsibility is to set goals. The supervisory staff's possibility is to enforce, carry out and make progress toward the same.

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